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Dressage Day at Avon Centre 2017

Once again we were fortunate to have a lovely calm, reasonably warm and at times sunny day for this our first fun competition for a whole year due to our indoor arena being resurfaced in the October half term.

The day ran smoothly, thanks to all our volunteers who worked so hard in the organisation of this event. There were smiles on peoples’ faces whether they were in first place or receiving a ‘Well Done’ rosette and it was really lovely to share the day with riders from some of the other RDA Groups from around our Region. It wouldn’t be the same without you so thank you for making the journey to join in.
As always there were some riders who were disappointed not to be able to get a space in their chosen Class but we do have a limit on how many entries we can fit in on the day unfortunately. Better luck next time!
I would like to take this opportunity to praise the work of our stable staff led by Charmaine Lane who prepared our horses and ponies so beautifully. Congratulations also to all the other groups for their well turned out horses and ponies – not an easy job at this time of year!
We hope to see at least some of you in the Easter holidays when we plan to run our first RDA Show Jumping fun competition – more details to follow soon but meanwhile make a note in your diaries for Wednesday 19th April.

Here are the results in Class order:

Class 1 Grade 1 Intro Test (2017) – ridden on leading rein
1st Abigail Bailey riding Jim
2nd George Britton riding Oscar
3rd Alison Kerridge riding Bertie
4th Kacey Lownes riding Bunty
5th Kevin Hodges riding Marge
Sorry we have no photo for this class.

Class 1 Grade 1 Intro Test (2017) – unled
1st Tegan Vincent Cooke riding Bertie
2nd Kasia Laganavska riding Dolly (Wellow)
3rd Otter Baker riding Dolly (Wellow)
4th Alisha Craigie riding Bunty
5th Matilda Walsh riding Daymo
6th Cat Cucos riding Oscar

Class 2 Grade 2 Intro Test (2017) – ridden on leading rein
1st Darren Ashton riding Caellyn (Saxon)
2nd Joshua Gittens riding Jet (Lyncombe Lodge)
3rd Kaye Jenkins riding Caellyn (Saxon)
4th Millie Pearce riding Sprite (Wellow)

Class 2 Grade 2 Intro Test (2017) – unled
1st Joseph Cordey riding Bella
2nd Laura Barefoot Riding Barney
3rd Ewan Waller riding Spike
4th Martha Littlewood Hillsden (Lyncombe Lodge)
5th Cecilia Kennard riding Barney
6th Luca Cuckson riding Fettle (Lyncombe Lodge)
Huxley Leigh riding Daymo and Toby Cuckson riding Jet (Lyncombe Lodge) both received well deserved ‘Well Done’ rosettes

Class 3 Grade 3 Championship Test
1st Emily Rodman riding Jim
2nd Poppy Scriven riding Sparky (Lyncombe Lodge)
3rd Liam Bailey riding Oscar
4th Tom Hart riding Fleur (Lyncombe Lodge)
5th Zoe Heron riding Leaf
6th Claire Hoare riding Bertie

Class 4 Grade 6 Championship Test
1st Alfie Armstrong riding Marge
2nd Sarah Hunnaford riding Stanley (Saxon)
3rd Lizzie Firth riding Leaf
4th Stella Jelly riding Leaf
5th Millie Boult riding Hope
6th George Brindley riding Oscar
Lucy Mae Bush riding Power (Wellow) and James Bunker riding Bertie both received well deserved ‘Well Done’ rosettes

Avon Riding Centre’s RDA Dressage Day on Friday 12th February 2016

Our luck held once again as the morning dawned bright and sunny, if a little bit chilly and forty competitors took part in what was a very happy occasion. It was really good to see riders from Cotswold, Watershed, Lyncombe Lodge, Wellow and Saxon RDA Groups participating alongside our own riders. These twice yearly events have become very popular and available places are snapped up immediately on the date entries open! Every participant received a rosette and the top riders in each Class were as follows:

Class 1
First: Sue riding Caellyn from Saxon
Second: Leanne riding Amos from Cotswold
Third: Gemma riding Dolly from Wellow

 Class 2
First: Diane riding her own Winnie from Avon
Second: Charlotte riding Bella from Avon
Third: Claire riding Bertie from Avon

Class 3
First: Jonathon riding Sprite from Wellow
Second: Lily riding Sprite from Wellow
Third: Evie riding Jet from Lyncombe Lodge

Class 4
First: Verna riding Barney from Avon
Equal second: Emily riding Jim from Avon and Polly riding Sprite from Wellow
Third: Tom riding his own Fleur from Lyncombe Lodge

Class 5
First: Lucy riding her own horse Rainbow from Wellow
Second: George riding Robbie from Avon
Third: Millie riding Hope from Avon
(Sorry there is no photo for class 5)

Many congratulations to everyone who took part; special thanks to our judges Sue Mack and Denise McGuinness and particularly to all the volunteers who run this competition and without whom the day simply would not happen!

Thanks also to our staff for plaiting and preparing all our horses and ponies.

Finally a big thank you to everyone who came along to support all the riders from every Group. We hope to see you all again soon.

Avon Riding Centre’s RDA Dressage Day on Friday 20th February

Well this was a special ‘Gala’ competition celebrating the fact that, thanks to some very generous grants, we have a new roof on our indoor arena. We were delighted to have three trustees from the Ibstock Cory Foundation with us since their grant of £50,000 was absolutely central to the success of this project. They all very much enjoyed watching the riders achieving such excellent results in their individual Classes.

These twice yearly Dressage Days have now become so popular that the forty available places were filled in less than two days! The lucky competitors were from our Centre, Lyncombe Lodge, Saxon and Wellow Groups in the Mid West Region and everyone was delighted that the weather remained dry after such heavy rain the day before.

Here are the riders placed first to third in each Class:

Class 1
1st Zoe Henderson riding Frankie
2nd Megan Newman riding Dolly (Wellow)
3rd Alistair Kennedy riding Caellyn (Saxon)

Class 2 Juniors
1st Joe Cordey riding Daymo
2nd Luca Cookson riding Fettle (Lyncombe Lodge)
3rd Alisha Craigie riding Bunty

Class 2 Seniors
1st = Diane Green riding Whitty
1st = Jo Hall riding Leaf
2nd Bobby Chaloner

Class 3
1st Emily Rodman riding Jim
2nd Alistair Kennedy riding Caellyn (Saxon)
3rd Laura Barefoot riding Whitty

Class 4
1st Paige Alford riding Marge
2nd James Bunker riding Bella
3rd Laura Smith riding Dolly

Class 5
1st Sarah Jane Haringford riding her own Moondust (Saxon)
2nd Claire Mill riding Leaf
3rd Stella Jelly riding Roddy

It was a lovely day with lots of friendly encouragement shown to all competitors regardless of their final placing and we look forward to seeing many of the riders at the RDA Mid West Regional Qualifiers on May 18th that will be held at Avon Riding Centre.
I would like to thank all the members of staff and volunteers for their hard work, the judges Sally Hall, Claire Hacker and Rosemary Burton who all said that they were impressed by the standard of riding and empathy shown for the horses. Finally thanks to all the competitors and their families for making this day special for all
concerned.  Photos shown below!

RDA Dressage Day at Avon Riding Centre on Friday 21st February 2014

Despite a poor weather forecast Friday dawned bright and sunny and remained so until the middle of the day when we suffered a few very heavy downpours, however our spirits were not dampened!
The atmosphere was as friendly as always and all the riders that were participating tried hard to conquer their nerves and produce good tests. Inevitably there had to be certain horses and ponies that were less willing to help their riders but in the end they all deserved a pat.
There were five Classes in all and here are the results:

Class 1 Introduction to dressage Test 1 Walk only – unled
1st Emily Rodman riding Shadow
2nd Lucy McLean riding Lady
3rd Rebecca Nash riding Barney
4th Lou Lou Clarke riding Fettle (Lyncombe Lodge Group)
5th Owen Pass riding Dolly (Wellow Group)
6th Daniel Luxa riding Dolly (Wellow Group)

Class 2 Introduction to dressage Test 4 – Walk & Trot on lead rein
1st Laura Barefoot riding Barney
2nd Jack Stevens riding Harvey (Lyncombe Lodge Group)
3rd Beth Bailey riding Bess
4th Luca Cookson riding Harvey (Lyncombe Lodge Group)
5th Paul Stanley riding Jemina’s Gift (Saxon Group)
Highly commended Lucas Boyle

Class 3 Grade 1a Championship Test Walk only – unled
1st Tegan Vincent Cooke riding Shadow
2nd Cat Cucos riding Winston
3rd Neve Massey riding Lady

Class 4 ID Championship Test Walk & Trot – unled
Junior Section
1st Lucy Bush riding Pinto (Wellow Group)
2nd Lauren Steenkamp riding Bella
3rd Jo Cordey riding Tic Tac
4th Erin Hale riding Barney
5th Tom Hart riding Fettle (Lyncombe Lodge Group)
6th Mia Abrahams riding Daymo
Senior Section
1st Laura Smith riding Sprite (Wellow Group)
2nd Verna Clifford riding Barney
3rd Josh Murray riding Winston
4th Paige Alford riding Marge
5th Gabriella Ramsay riding Roddy
6th Kathy Flook riding Winston

Class 5 Grade III Championship Test – Walk, trot & canter
1st Claire Mill riding Marge
2nd Lucy Bush riding Pinto (Wellow Group)
3rd Stella Jelly riding Poppy
4th George Brindley riding Poppy & Polly Reid riding Sprite
5th Alfie Armstrong riding Roddy
6th Millie Boult riding Bella

Congratulations to all the riders, whether placed or not, for taking part and many thanks for the support of all their families – it means so much to every rider!

Thanks must also go to the staff and volunteers for turning out all the horses and ponies so well in spite of the appallingly muddy fields in which they are living at present, and to every volunteer there for working so hard to make this dressage day a success.

Finally we mustn’t forget to thank our judges: Sue Mack, Eileen O’Mahoney and Denise McGuinness
See photos below:

Dressage Day Results Avon Centre November 1st 2013

Congratulations to every rider that competed on this very successful day. It is a real achievement for each and every one of you that took part and the standard was very good throughout, as remarked upon by the judges of each Class. Be proud of yourselves, whether you were doing your first ever test or winning a Class!

Class 1 1st - Tegan Vincent Cooke on Lady, 2nd – Laura Barefoot on Barney, 3rd – Beth Bailey on Bella

Class 2 1st – Owen Pass on Dolly from Wellow, 2nd – Emily Rodman on Shadow, 3rd – Pippa Jugg on Binky from Wilton

Class 3 1st – Georgia Godfrey on Carys from Wellow, 2nd - Neve Massey on Shadow, 3rd – Ruby Reed Jones on Dusty

Class 4 1st – James Bunker on Bluey, 2nd - Danielle Cairaschi on Choco, 3rd – Abigail Forstick on Carys from Wellow

Class 5 1st – Alfie Armstrong on Barney, 2nd – George Brindley on Poppy, 3rd Jenny Armstrong on Roddy

Wellow Group 25th Year Activities

Wellow Group Riding for the Disabled is based at Wellow Trekking Centre south of Bath - we are in our 25th Anniversary year.  Our Head Coach Anne Allen has been teaching disabled adults and children for over 30 years.   We hold riding session for adults and children Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and on a Saturday in conjunction with Wellow Trekking Centre; we have around 200 riders and rely on team of volunteers but are always on the look out for more.

Website Friends of Wellow RDA on Facebook and twitter @wellowrda

For the first time the Equestrian Special Olympics is being supported by the RDA and groups were encouraged to participate.  Wellow group RDA made the decision to “give it a go” so back in February we embarked on this challenge, gained sponsorship to cover the cost, £1500 was needed to send 3 riders, coach, horse and groom.  The money was donated by a Bath based company DANCE RACE.  We took 3 athletes Polly Reid, Laura Smith and Georgia Godfrey.

Over 2 days of competition between athletes from all regions of the country we exceeded all expectations and came home with:
2 Gold medals for Polly Reid aged 25 who was outstanding and overcome her nerves on the last day and was determined to get the perfect canter in her last class working trial which she did to win the Gold; her other Gold was in Horse Care and Knowledge with Team mate Laura Smith aged 20 winning the Silver in the same class.  Laura Smith also won a Bronze medal in the working trial class.
Georgia Godfrey aged 13 won a Silver in her Dressage test , silver in Horse Care and knowledge and a Bronze in working trial.

This was an amazing opportunity for our riders to compete at these games.  Head Coach Anne Allen is very proud of their achievements .

A huge THANK YOU also to Venetia who leant us her horse Foxham Formula.

Venetia and her husband came to the games on the Thursday 18th July to support our riders and also volunteered during the event, Venetia on the announcement tanoy !!!! and her husband was doing a sterling job handing out bottles of water !!!!!!

Tracey Eames group instructor from Wellow also volunteered over the three days handing out the packed lunches to all.


Avon Centre Dressage Day on Friday 2nd November

The Avon Centre held another very successful dressage competition for riders with disabilities during the Autumn Half Term. There were five Classes starting with a walk only test suitable to be ridden on or off the leading rein and progressing through the Grades to an independently ridden walk, trot and canter test.

The aim was to offer riders at all levels the chance to compete from those attempting their first ever test to our most experienced riders.

We were also delighted to welcome riders from three other RDA Mid West Groups: Cotswold, Saxon and Lyncombe Lodge.
Whilst the weather started off pretty wet and cold this didn’t seem to dampen spirits and as the day progressed things improved much to the relief of the riders and their helpers.

A total of nearly forty riders of all ages took part and there was a lovely atmosphere throughout the day with everyone joining together to receive their rosettes in the café after each Class.

Many thanks especially to Sue Rudge, and all the volunteer instructors, helpers and staff who made the day such a success.

Getting ready

About to go in

Here we go!

Didn't we do well!

 Wellow group win first prize at the Royal Windsor Horse Show

On Thursday 10th May 2012 Wellow Group took part in the RDA Fancy Dress competition at Royal Windsor Horse Show. This is a super day out meeting other groups from outside the region; The competition is sponsored by the Lions Club of Windsor.

This is our 5th year of taking part , this year's theme was countries and we chose Canada, the riders dressed up as Mounties and helpers as North American Indians. The result was the best ever we came FIRST.

The real Mounties were doing a display on Thursday and we were able to meet them.  The first picture shows one of our riders, Brooke,  with a real live Mountie!


Avon Riders at the National Competition 2011

A total of 10 riders from the Avon Centre took part in the National competitions last summer - here are some pictures of them in action.

Lyncombe Lodge; Rider of the month

Every month the Lyncombe Lodge Group has a rider of the month. For March Matt won our rider of the month award. He has managed to always look happy even when his pony Little Fred was not always being very helpful. He always sits up really straight and he has managed to find his way onto this website! The picture is of Matt on Little Fred with his award.



Avon Group Dressage Report

RDA Dressage Day at the Avon Centre on Saturday 26th February

We held another very successful ‘in house’ competition for our riders on the second weekend of half term.  A total of 21 riders took part in three different Classes, all three tests to be ridden independently.

Class 1 Test 2 Walk Only

This class had eight entries and the winner was Lois Linter riding Roddy with Natasha Lancaster on Jake a close second and joint third places went to Joe Cordey riding Hamble and Harriett Alden on Bluey. There were several riders in this class who were attempting their first independently ridden test and we were very proud of them all. They had worked hard on learning the elements of the test and performed well.


Class 2 Test 11 Walk and Trot

Nine competitors took part and the winner was Julie Fracz in her first dressage test for some time, riding Bisto. In second place was George Brindley on Barney and joint third came Jessica John riding Pride and Aziza Temple Nott also on Barney.  Not all of these riders had previously participated in dressage and it was quite a challenging test so well done everyone!

Class 2

Class 3 Test 31 Walk Trot and Canter

There were four keen riders in this test and Simon Jennings Webb on Marge came first followed by Rose Dinham on Roddy and in third place Jenny Armstrong riding Poppy.  All of these riders are ‘seasoned’ dressage competitors but there were still plenty of nerves beforehand!
We were very fortunate to have Sarah Woodfield to judge our first Class and Simon Laurens, the Paralympic Gold Medallist, to judge Classes 2 and 3. I’m sure that all the competitors will have been given some good advice and tips for improvement on their score sheets.

Class 3

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