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Mid-West Region on-line

New for 2019!


Regular visitors to our website may have noticed some changes already - the Training and Group News tabs have gone, and all the group details on the Find a Group pages have been updated so it will be easier for potential volunteers, riders and donors to get in touch with the groups. 

Please have a look and check that your details are correct, and if not drop us a message on the contact form.  If you wish to have links to your group email address or website we can do that too.  We will still have the newsfeed on the front page to announce future dates for competitions and training days, as well as other news.  

The exciting news is that this year we are going all out to improve our social media presence, setting up Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts so you can all easily upload your latest news and photos.  This will be the noticeboard for our regional community, to showcase what we do so well and to share the good news and  achievements of our riders.

We would love all the groups to get involved in this, the more the merrier!  We would also love each group to have an on-line wizard (you must have one somewhere!) who would enjoy being the group public relations officer that could tell the world what is happening in your group!

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